Ziyad Raoof about Peshmerga, refugees and situation in Kurdistan for Polish Radio Channel 3

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Ziyad Raoof, the KRG Representative in Poland on December 5, 2015, was a guest on the Radio Show “Report on the state of the world” presented by Dariusz Rosiak on the Polish Radio Channel 3.
In the beginning Ziyad Raoof congratulated Mr. Dariusz Rosiak, who is this year’s laureate of Polish Press Agency Ryszard Kapuscinski Awards presented during a ceremony in Warsaw on Debemcer 3, 2015. Rosiak received the award for “Raport z Kurdystanu” (Report from Kurdistan) broadcast by Polish Radio Channel 3.
Dariusz Rosiak in the interview with KRG Representative in Poland focused on the most important developments that currently determine the situation in Kurdistan Region. One more time, Mr. Rosiak noted that Peshmerga is “the only force that fights against ISIS” every single day and he asked Ziyad Raoof to describe the current situation at the frontline.
Ziyad Raoof reminded that Peshmerga’s frontline against ISIS stretches more than 1000 kilometres and that they fight “on behalf of the Europe and world”. Currently Peshmergas are consistently moving forward. He noted the importance of retaking Shingal city. Peshmergas broke the most important communication route for ISIS – highway 47, which connects Raqqa and Mosul. If Shingal will be rebuilt with the help from the international community, tens of thousands of refugees will be able to return to their homes. It will contribute to the reduction of the humanitarian crisis.
Dariusz Rosiak also asked if Kurdish authorities receive international aid to help 1,8 mln refugees. Ziyad Raoof confirmed that fact, but he also noted that the aid is definitely still “insufficient”. He said that “he is sorry” that the world does not pay attention for humanitarian crisis in Kurdistan. At the same time he stressed that when European counties close their borders from refugees, Kurds were building bridges for Syrian refugees to facilitate them the way to reach Kurdistan. Also, Masoud Barzani, the president of Kurdistan Region urged the Christians to came to Kurdistan to find shelter. The KRG Representative appealed for humanitarian and military aid for Kurds.
In the end of this interview Dariusz Rosiak asked about the situation in Rojava. Ziyad Raoof stated that also there Kurds showed the heroic struggle against ISIS. He also called for international help in rebuilding Kobane. It will allow the refugees to return to their homes and reduce the humanitarian crisis a little.