Conyers: More must be done to save Christians from ISIS

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John Conyers Jr., Detroit Free Press guest writer
(Photo: Oct. 31 photo by MARWAN IBRAHIM/AFP/Getty Images)
Seventy years ago, as the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed, the world rallied around a simple promise: never again. If a minority group in any nation should face the threat of systematic slaughter, we pledged not to avert our eyes. Continue reading

Rethinking Sadr: From Firebrand to Iraqi Statesman?

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Posted by: Renad Mansour, Michael David Clark
Muqtada al-Sadr, once labeled “the most dangerous man in Iraq,” now offers a potential solution to Iraq’s troubles. The scion of an influential religious family who rose by inheriting his father’s movement and building a militia after the United States toppled Continue reading

Displaced Christian people from Mosul reported to the site of ISIS blackmailing and threaten us morally despite we moved away from them

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A number of our displaced Christian people from the city of Mosul said that they had received phone calls from militants of the Islamic State. These calls threaten Christian people by planting explosive devises to blow up their houses if they are not sending to those militants certain amount of money. Continue reading

ISIS that is among us

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Medhat Klada
They call themselves “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.” On the other hand, clerics prefer to call them “Da’ish,” while the Western world and international press call them “ISIS,” which is the initials of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Continue reading

Since the passing of Patriarch Shikho

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Since the passing of Patriarch Shikho, our Chaldean Church leadership has undergone changes that have weakened it spiritually and structurally, with a free-for-fall of rules and regulations and disobedience of many its clergy. With the election of Patriarch Louis Sako, with additional pragmatic, intellectual, new bishops to the synod, the church Continue reading