Violation of human rights; Freedom of speech! Featured

By Zewa Dawod

Is one of the fundamental human rights which includes; freedom of speech, or of the press, and the right of people to peacefully assemble. It is a principle which supports the freedom of individuals or a community to article their opinion without any fears of Continue reading


By Yusuf Begtas

We’ve decided to visit the Lebanon between the 9th and 16th of September with my friend Habip Do?an in response to the insistent invitation. On the occasion of this trip, we greeted our Maronite brothers whom I’ve been longing for to get to know for a long time. We got close and touched each other. We’ve coalesced with each other. We’ve taken a stroll together through the corridors of history. We’ve completed our trip and contacts with the siege of affectionate style 

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Aleppo: Chaldean bishop sees greater confidence in the future to rebuild infrastructure, society

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After eight years, the city’s international airport reopened to flights. The reopening of the highway to the capital has been marked with street celebrations. Archbishop Audo sees “positive” signs, but stresses the importance of reconstruction, territorial integrity and international support. Christians want to contribute to reconstruction. Continue reading

Historic Iraqi church to be rebuilt

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Catholic News Agency
Isis training center in Christian church, Iraq (Lena Ha/Shutterstock)
The rebuilding of a Syriac Catholic church in Mosul, Iraq, destroyed by ISIS will begin soon, the UN’s heritage agency (UNESCO) has announced. Continue reading

Archbishop’s plea for suffering Christians

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Helping persecuted Christians “is not somebody else’s business: it’s our business” – Archbishop John Wilson
 By John Pontifex SOUTHWARK’S new Archbishop has made an urgent call for action to support persecuted Christians saying helping them “is not somebody else’s business: it’s our business”. Continue reading

It’s A Dangerous Time For Christians In Northeastern Syria

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It’s A Dangerous Time For Christians In Northeastern Syria
By Jane Arraf •We begin this next story by visiting a church. It is a church in a war zone. It is a Christian church in an overwhelmingly Muslim region. It is in far northeastern Syria, part of the region that has been controlled by ethnic Kurds, where Kurds have Continue reading