USA urges Turkey to remain focused on Daesh, not attack Syria’s Afrin

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by Shelley Chandler
USA urges Turkey to remain focused on Daesh, not attack Syria’s Afrin Turkey says it is launching a full military operation against these Kurds – which it considers a terrorist group. The statement said the operation will also take sensitivity into account and no civilian/innocent person would be harmed. Almost 350,000 Kurds from Syria’s Afrin Continue reading

U.S Aid Fulfilled Its Promise of Helping Iraqi Refugees

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By Web Desk –
Last year the Vice President of America, Mike Pence promised to help Iraq refugees which he fulfilled this year. The Vice President said to stop donating through United Nations rather help the ‘persecuted communities through USAID.
In the previous year Mike Pence made a speech at the Annual Solidarity Dinner for Continue reading


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Despite its defeat on the battlefield, the Islamic State is using Iraq’s black market to stockpile millions of dollars to fuel its coming insurgency.
By Renad Mansour, Hisham al-Hashimi (Getty Images/Zak Bickel illustration for Foreign Policy)
(Getty Images/Zak Bickel illustration for Foreign Policy) Continue reading

Iraqi minorities look to rebuild after Daesh

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Sarah Benhaida| Agence France Presse
BARTELA, Iraq: A Christmas tree stands on a roundabout in Bartela in northern Iraq, its base adorned by posters of Shabak martyrs killed in the fight against Daesh (ISIS).
Now that victory has been declared against the militants, Iraq’s ethnic and religious Continue reading

Minorities in north Iraq look to post-jihadist future

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With victory declared against the Islamic State group, ethnic and religious minorities are reclaiming their place within the country’s fractured society
By Sarah Benhaida
An Iraqi man, from the Shabak community, stands amidst the rubble of a house which was destroyed by Islamic State (IS) group jihadists in the village of Baz Gerkan east of Continue reading

Lebanese Church partnering to reach refugees

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By Anna Deckert
Lebanon (MNN) – In communities around the world, the local Church is on the move. God is working through His people to spread the truth of the Gospel and His Church is growing. Lebanon is no exception.
Many Western Christians don’t realize the presence of the Church in Lebanon. There Continue reading