Violation of human rights; Freedom of speech! Featured

By Zewa Dawod

Is one of the fundamental human rights which includes; freedom of speech, or of the press, and the right of people to peacefully assemble. It is a principle which supports the freedom of individuals or a community to article their opinion without any fears of Continue reading


By Yusuf Begtas

We’ve decided to visit the Lebanon between the 9th and 16th of September with my friend Habip Do?an in response to the insistent invitation. On the occasion of this trip, we greeted our Maronite brothers whom I’ve been longing for to get to know for a long time. We got close and touched each other. We’ve coalesced with each other. We’ve taken a stroll together through the corridors of history. We’ve completed our trip and contacts with the siege of affectionate style 

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Finally Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

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In the final years of the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman government under the Committee of Union and Progress (“CUP”) orchestrated the massacre of its Christian minorities. The Ottoman government organized death squads, forced people out of their homes, and marched them to their deaths in the Anatolian mountains and the Syrian Desert. Continue reading

Lebanese bishops concerned about Christian emigration

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The Melkite Basilica of St. Paul in Harissa, Lebanon. Credit: Kevin Jones/CNA.
By Doreen Abi Raad As anti-government protests continue in Lebanon, the country’s economic crisis is worsening. Banks have imposed restrictions on withdrawals and transfers, the currency has been devalued and many people are losing jobs. Financial Continue reading

Iraq’s Christian Community To Call Off Christmas Festivities in Solidarity With Protestors

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By Sarah Z. Salih  There will be no Christmas tinsel in Iraq this year. According to AP, a recent decision by Iraq’s Christians to call off seasonal festivities was released to honor the protest movement and all those who lost their lives. The aim of their stance goes way deeper than just the tinsel and fairy lights, slogans of a united Iraq free of Continue reading

Armenian Catholic Church Reopens in Aleppo

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The Armenian Mirror-Spectator
ALEPPO ( —  The Armenian Catholic Cathedral of Our Mother of Mercy was reopened on Saturday, December 7, in the  al-Telal neighborhood of Aleppo after restoration and renovation works to fix the damage caused to the cathedral by terrorism Continue reading