Iraq Works on Interfaith Discourse

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Iraq (International Christian Concern) – The Institute for the Study of Religious Diversity is attempting to change Iraq’s discourse toward religious minorities and recently published its first curricula. Established almost a year ago by Masarat, a Baghdad-based nonprofit, the institution will focus its educational programs toward Muslim Continue reading

The Love That Understands

By Yusuf Begtas

In life, truth and reality often collide with each other, because internal frames of reference do not always fit external reference points. Since every person has a disntinct level of knowledge, each person’s capacity for perception and evaluation is different. A person can only ascribe meaning to the information suited to his own capacity. Continue reading

The Spirit of Mardin

By Yusuf Begtas  Syriac Language-Culture and Literary Association – Mardin

——————————————————————————————————————–Mardin is the name of an ancient civilization which has served as an abode of the truth of life, and of the life of truth. Mardin’s ancient civilization represents a virtual grammar Continue reading

IRAQ: Construction starts on new Syriac school in Ankawa

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ANKAWA, Iraq – A small ceremony this week marked the start of construction of the new Syriac school called “Meltho” in Ankawa, Erbil. The building of the school is under supervision of the Syriac Orthodox Church and supported by the Hungarian government. Syriac Orthodox bishop of Mosul Daoud Sharaf and the Hungarian official Continue reading

Reminder of Persecution in Syria

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Syria (International Christian Concern) – On Monday, the terrorist group HTS (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) detained one of its own former commanders for defecting. HTS raided the house of defector Jamal Zeina, better known as Abu Malek al-Tali, in Syria’s Idlib. Continue reading