“I Love You, Dad: A Dialogue of First Love”

Helen talia

Sonia Odisho hit a homerun in this father-daughter “I love you, dad” (????? ???) song, performed in the Assyrian language and recorded with her own father, Mr. Odisho Moshe. This is a song that speaks to every daddy’s girl who’s shared a strong bond with her father, from taking her first breath to walking her first steps, and from learning her first alphabet ( … ? ?) to giving her hand in marriage to another man ? 


The string instruments are as emotionally-gripping as the climaxing scale and the intensely heart-throbbing lyrics in this credible ensemble, written by senior Odisho.


Congratulations, Sonia, for giving us a memorable tune, and thank you Evan Yako @Real Rhytm Music for inspiring artists and musicians everywhere to reach within to give their best. Love & respect, always, to our Assyrian-Australian community ???? ??


This coming father’s day, we honor all our fathers, those near and far, and remember those dearly departed ??


This short write-up is dedicated to the loving memory of my late father Talia Yacoub Talia because when people look inside my life, I want to hear them say, “she’s her father’s daughter.”


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