image0011.jpgOn Monday 20 February 2012 the Federal Court of NSW, Phillip Street, Sydney held the Admission Ceremony for newly signed and registered Lawyers in NSW.

Mr Oliver D. S., a young Assyrian Australian who recently completed his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) was one of the newly admitted (registered) lawyers in NSW and signed the roll of Legal Practitioners and became a lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW.

The ceremony, organised by the Legal Profession Admission Board is held to admit graduated students into the legal profession.
Oliver, who is now 24 years of age, completed his degree in Bachelor of Laws at the University of Western Sydney and graduated in September 2011. As part of the Legal Practitioner requirements in NSW, he completed his Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) with the University of Western Sydney and the College of Law in Sydney, the graduation ceremony will also be held in April 2012 for this degree. He will soon commence his Master of Laws (LLM).

As a requirement to become a NSW Legal Practitioner, Oliver concluded over 350 hours of volunteer work experience in a law firm with a licensed solicitor, before becoming admitted.
The admission ceremony was organised for two dates, Friday 17 February and Monday 20 February which included over 350 newly admitted (registered) listed into the Supreme Court of NSW Lawyers. They were divided into separate sessions throughout those two days.
Family, friends, relatives including barristers and solicitors, gathered at the Federal Court for this ceremony, which was presided by the Honourable Thomas Fredrick Bathurst, Chief Justice of New South Wales, including two other Justices of the Supreme Court.
Oliver has now become part of 30 other fellow Assyrian Australian lawyers who currently are listed in NSW. There are many young Assyrians who have enrolled and study Law at different Universities throughout Australia.
Oliver has taught the Assyrian language at Diqlat Assyrian School and served as a Deputy Principal. He also serves as a Deacon of the Assyrian Church of the East and continues to serve his community in many aspects.
This certificate now allows him to become a member of the NSW Law Society and apply to receive his licence to practice as a Legal Practitioner in NSW.

Ankawa News is proud to congratulate and encourage fellow Assyrians who strive to work for their community and become educated in any field or profession. Congratulations Oliver on this achievement.