Yonadem Kanna seeks to turn the issue of targeting the Christians to the international investigator

Ankawa.com – Baghdad – Khulood Al-Benian
Secretary General of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, Yonadem Kanna, said that he is with all the claims to transform the targeting of the Christians to the international investigator, referring that the Iraqi government is “covering up the facts or probably do not want to be exposed” to maintain its political alliances.
  Kanna in his talk to the site of Ankawa.com confirmed that he demanded from the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri-Al-Maliky, when hosted at the House of Parliament, to refer the case of the targeted Christians to the international investigator.
  Kanna attributed his claim because the present government covers all the facts and do not reveal that stand behind the groups engaged in such acts of terrorism and sabotage in targeting the Christians and their places of worship. He said, we asked them to disclose them and refer the case to the international investigator and confirmed it when we visited the city of Mosul.
  Kanna said,they were with all the claims for transferring the case to the international investigator because they are not sure of the ability of the Iraqi security services to disclose the facts on this issue, while noting the possibility that government agencies are not willing to reveal the facts, so as not to affect the political alliances. He pointed out that they will be with those who demand to transfer the case to the prosecutor and not international tribunals, they are Iraqis and trials should be in Iraq. The investigation should be by impartial international investigators because the political forces and the Iraqi government bodies dealing among themselves. In addition, the disagreements between them are reflected and affect the security file in Iraq and in Mosul, in particular and the offenders and the criminals who are doing such actions disappear.