World Assyrians leader rejects Koran burning

695491.jpgPatriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, Mar Dinkha IV, referring to an American pastor’s plan for burning copies of the holy Koran said “Unfortunately, a person have said something that caused discomfort for other Christians and put them to trouble. We are opposed to such extremist acts.”

Mar Dinkha made the remarks in a ceremony which was held for welcoming him and his accompanying bishops from six parts of the world who arrived in Tehran on Friday.

They were welcomed in Tehran’s Assyrian Church of the East by Assyrians’ representative in Iran’s Majlis Yonadam Bet Kolia.

During the ceremony, Mar Dinkha said the Christ (PBUH) invites all people to peace and peaceful life.

Congratulating Eid al-Fitr, he said the holy eid is valuable for Muslims and Christians who live in Iran and we live with love and intimacy beside each other in the country for centuries.

At present, about 25-30 thousand Assyrians live in Iran mostly in Tehran, Karaj’s Fardis, Isfahan, Orumiyah and Isfahan’s Shahin Shahr.

The Assyrians have one representative in Iran’s parliament.