Why Christians Should Embrace Refugees and Not Politicians

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Christians should push for a more generous refugee/asylum policy to help respond to attacks on Mideast Christians. by Doug Bandow

It took President Donald Trump nearly two years to order American troops in Syria home. Or just to move them out of harm’s way, if not yet home. He was right to take that very limited step, despite the hostile tsunami against his decision.The angry fulminations that characterized his critics—in the main their responses have been more emotional eruptions than considered arguments—well illustrate the need for an American exit from Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East. Many policymakers appear to believe that America’s purpose is to settle that tragic nation’s brutal, bitter civil war: depose President Bashar al-Assad, promote moderate Islamists, oust Assad’s Iranian allies, constrain Russian influence, deter Turkish involvement, protect Syrian Kurdish forces, and more. Such an effort is not just bizarre hubris but overweening arrogance and sheer delusion, as evidenced by the succession of Middle Eastern geopolitical disasters orchestrated by Washington in recent years.