Who Will Save the Persecuted Middle East Christians: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or None of the Above?

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Today, the Iraqi army, assisted by international forces, is attempting to liberate Mosul and its surrounding Christian villages and neighborhoods. This comes two years late, when the Iraqi Christians, who inhabited Mosul and northern Iraq for thousands of years, were forced to flee. They became refugees in their own country and emigrants in diaspora. But the issue of persecuted Christians in war-ravaged Iraq and Syria has only played out to their demise. Other similar issues exist in different forms in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon.

In this presidential election, virtually nothing has been said regarding the plight of the Iraqi or Middle East Christians by either major candidate, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, as part of their political agenda or program. Emphasis has instead been made about the Muslim community, ISIS, and their democracy, while essentially ignoring the horrors and near-extinction Christians have endured. Christians have faced similar fates in other parts of the world as well.

The fault may lay primarily on the over six million American Middle East Christians, American citizens, Senators and Congressional members, and political, social, and faith organizations in failing to bring these issues to the open forcefully. In contrast, our fellow American Muslims and their organizations have primarily sponsored Hillary Clinton’s campaign, with her endless support to American Muslim causes and predominantly Syrian Muslim refugees to the United States.

We have brought this matter to both campaigns’ attention. Unfortunately, still nothing has been said, either in public or in private, to save the Christians and Christianity in the Middle East.

We will continue to bring this subject to the candidates, and hopefully we will succeed, at the very least, in a proclamation that makes part as of their agenda having a stabilized Middle East where all ethnics and minorities’ human, civic, and civil rights and freedom of religion are respected. With the coming of a new American presidential administration, there must be a Marshall Plan for the displaced Iraqi Christians and others.

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