When you paused to think about the conditions and the well-being of the Suryoye in Europe and the USA.

Dear reader,

There must have been moments in your life when you paused to think about the conditions and the well-being of the Suryoye in Europe and the USA.

How well do we speak our mother tongue today compared to our (grand)parents? Aren’t we going to church less often than we used to? Haven’t our people become more individualistic over time, and how does this relate to the traditional role of the family? What is the stereotype Suryoyo in 50 years from now? Do you think that our integration in the host countries was good, or that we may have been pushing it too far and are now heading towards assimilation?

You probably have discussed these and related questions before with your friends and family, whether at school or at work. Foundation Study Centre Aramea also ponders these issues and wants to discuss them further with you. But in order to do so, we need your opinion.

Foundation Study Centre Aramea is established in Hengelo, The Netherlands, and wishes to cooperate with Suryoye who reflect upon these matters. Not to give answers, but to gather information and data through research, the results of which will be made publicly available for further discussions.

Therefore, every opinion counts, including yours and that of your friends! That is why we kindly ask you to take part in the researches that we will conduct every 2 months. Each time will take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes of your time to participate.

You will receive all the question forms by e-mail. It will include a hyperlink that links you to a survey. All research will be conducted online, which makes it very easy to participate. Needless to say, your input will be processed anonymously. The results will be send to both participants and non-participants, so as to create a wide discussion about the relevant topics.

How you can participate? Kindly reply to info@aramea.nl with the data of your:

• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Highest degree of education
• Country of Birth
• Country where you currently live in
• Most suitable e-mail address to contact you
• Background (please let us know if you are Suryoyo or not)

We further ask you to forward this message to all your Suryoyo friends/family. For the more people participate, the more powerful the statements will be that we can make with the results. Not only to our own leaders, but in particular to external researchers, policy makers, etc.

We finally would like to thank you kindly for your time reading this message, and we assume that you will also play a part in these significant researches.

With kind regards,

Foundation Study Centre Aramea