West Bloomfield father of 7 killed outside west Detroit auto shop

49-year-old Samir Hannawa shot, killed at corner of Wyoming, Intervale in west Detroit

The Hannawa family is still stunned and devastated by a horrible loss.

Samir Hannawa, 49, was shot and killed outside a Detroit repair shop in broad daylight. Hannawa is survived by seven children and a wife.

“We just want to wake up from this nightmare. We don’t believe it’s true,” said daughter Valentena Hannawa.

The West Bloomfield father worked as a manager at a Detroit liquor store. Before his shift on Wednesday, his family says Samir stopped at Great Lakes Transmissions to drop his car off. It was just before 1 p.m. when two men pulled up to the store on the corner of Wyoming and Intervale streets on the city’s west side.

The men reportedly were trying to rob Samir when one man opened fire and shot him in the chest. The bullet ricocheted off the ground before getting lodged in a car tire.

“I’m going to miss him so much. I just want him to know that we loved him and we will always love him,” said his daughter. “Nobody can replace our father.”

Police detectives say they have very little to go on. They think whoever is responsible may have been driving a dark-colored Jeep Liberty.

Samir had about $900 on him at the time. He also had some checks and other valuables such as jewelry. However, the men didn’t take a thing. Police say the men fled right after they shot Samir.

Samir Hannawa and family