„We need military and humanitarian assistance and support from Polish government”- Ziyad Raoof in Polska the Times

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Today “Polska the Times” – one of the biggest Polish newspaper- published an important article about Kurdistan Region and Kurds. Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative to Poland commented situation in Kurdistan in that article which is entitled: “Representative of Kurdistan: We need military and humanitarian assistance and support from Polish government”.

The article begins with the statement that “2016 could be a turning point in the history of the Kurdish people, as there might be proclaimed the independence of Kurdistan”. The author of the text, Tomasz Plaskota, noted that an independent Kurdistan would struggle with many difficulties: war with ISIS, the economic crisis and the burden of maintaining the 1.8 million refugees.

Ziyad Raoof in an interview with the newspaper listed the most urgent humanitarian needs in Kurdistan and argued why Poland should help: One of the best ways to protect Europe from successive waves of refugees is to provide better conditions for them in the Middle East, among other in Kurdistan. What is needed is continued support, we need to feed refugees every day, winters in Kurdistan are as heavy as in Poland. We need medical assistance, medicines, chlorine for water treatment

Ziyad Raoof also explained why it is worth to politically support the idea of an independent Kurdistan:
There are few places in the Middle East like Kurdistan, where so many different religious and ethnic communities live in peace and harmony. It is worth to support this model because it is needed for the whole region. The creation of a Kurdish state will provide more stability to the Middle East. Kurdistan after obtaining independence will be stronger and predictable partner for Europe and the world

The whole content of the article (in Polish) is available on the website of Polska The Times:

Publication of the article is the first result in the new year of the new media campaign initiated by KRG Poland office. It started with the New Year meeting for representatives of the Polish media in our office. We will soon inform about the details of this event.