WATCH as a terrifying 6.7 magnitude earthquake rocks Turkey leaving buildings flattened

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WATCH terrifying footage of ambulances arriving at a collapsed building following the earthquake that has rocked Turkey.
By Svar Nanan-Sen 
The earthquake has affected Turkey, Syria, Georgia, and Armenia. The magnitude of the earthquake has been reported between 6.7 and 6.9. The epicentre of the earthquake has been confirmed to have occurred in Do?anyol, Malatya, Turkey.



Turkey earthquake map today Merkez magnitude USGS
A USGS statement on their site reads: “Earthquakes of 6.1 to 6.9 magnitude may cause a lot of damage in very populated areas.”

There have been no confirmed casualties of the earthquake so far. 

Pictures of buildings that have collapsed in Turkey have been posted on social media.

The earthquake hit Turkey at 8.55pm local time (5.55pm GMT).

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The earthquake has affected Turkey, Syria, Georgia, and Armenia. (Image: Twitter)

The world’s most deadly earthquakes (Image: Express)
Hundreds of people immediately took to Twitter to check in with loved ones following the news.

Distressing but as-yet unverified video shows collapsed houses.

One Twitter user said: “An earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale hit eastern province Elaz?? of Turkey.

“Initial footage shows that some buildings have collapsed.”
Turkey earthquake: Debris litters streets following tremors



Another tweeted: “Update: Major Earthquake struck in Turkey, there are still people under the rubble. At least one person killed many injured.”

A third said: “Really hope the number of deaths does not go up.

“6.8 magnitude is big, it was felt in neighbouring cities.”

Emergency sevices are seen already at the scene, while volunteers scramble looking for victims amongst rubble.