Violence haunts Iraq Christian families

23837-ap081019072531.jpg The remains of flower pots is all what is left from the house of a Christian family after it was detonated this month, while nearby were ruins of two other houses that belong to Christian families. The three houses were detonated consequently as part of the violence campaign that has displaced at least 1500 Christian families from Mosul, one of the largest diversified Iraqi cities.
Father Gabriel Touma who hosted a number of displaced families noted that displaced are ready to return if security is ascertained rejecting to victimize an Iraqi sect in the political game.
Violence that has killed at least 12 Christians and displaced thousands others has shed lights on the tragedy of a religious minority estimated at hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and uncovered rifts in a diversified region that once created a major balance in the country and resulted of a rich civilization.
Iraqi officials were cautious about holding any party responsibility for these incidents as officials in Mosul refer to unknown conspirators.
Christian MP Yunadim Kanna called to replace security forces in Mosul with new troops for they failed to protect Christians in the city as he expects conspiracy between these forces and terrorist urging governmental parties to announce the results of investigations.
Head of Mosul municipality Zuhair Mohsen Al Araj noted that at least 35 Christian families have returned home noting that certain parties are cashing on the escalation against Christians to implement their plans vowing to uncover these groups.
Nineveh deputy governor Khasro Goran considered that all parties in the province have been targeted since four years not only Christians hoping to build up capacities of Iraqis Forces to impose law in the country.