Vice Chaldean: failed to reform paper put forward the political crisis will be more

Baghdad (news) .. According to MP / the People’s Chaldean / Aichoa sincere, that the failure of reform paper to resolve the outstanding problems will be over the political crisis, noting that the political process needed to restore confidence between the political parties.
He said Aichoa in a statement (of the Agency news): The failure of the paper the reforms made by the National Alliance, which is intended to be placed within the National Conference to be held after consultation of the political blocs on that paper is not in favor of the political process because they will be held worsen the situation.

He added: There is a kind of convergence and acceptance by the political blocs to the paper reforms, noting that the political process needed to restore trust lost between the political parties, and this comes from the implementation of reforms and the paper on the ground in a clear and explicit.

He called for the People’s Chaldean: the political parties to sit at the negotiating table and make concessions for the sake of national interest and agreement on the withdrawal of Iraq from the tunnel.

Included paper fixes three points is to invite all political parties to review the situation in the light of the political crisis experienced by the country and to invite the political parties to deal with the call for dialogue positively and put all the files, but on the basis of commitment to the Constitution, as well as inviting partners to discuss important issues and find solutions according to the ceilings time in addition to the media’s commitment to the truce. / Finished / 2. n. r /