Update: Erection of the Assyrian Genocide Monument in Australia

statue2.jpgSydney – 11 April, 2010
Work is underway to erect the Assyrian genocide monument at Bonnyrigg Park; leaders of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) visited the location where the artist Louis Petros is working on the monument. The delegation was pleased with the wonderful achievement of the artist who has managed to complete almost 70% of the structure in a short period. Hermiz Shahen, AUA Deputy Secretary General, said, “We are close to our target for the unveiling, which will be within the next two or three months; we expect many visitors from abroad who will be attending the unveiling ceremony.”

statue11.jpgTo date about $40,000.00 has been raised to cover the costs of the construction and maintenance of the monument. Most of these donations are from Australian Assyrians eager to see the monument built in solemn remembrance of the 750,000 souls who perished in 1915 to 1918 in the WWI genocide committed against Assyrians in their homeland in Southeast Turkey. Mr. Shahen said the unveiling day will be an important occasion for Assyrians worldwide who stand in solidarity with all other victims of this genocide: the Armenians and the Pontic Greeks.

statue12.jpgMr. David David, president of the Assyrian Australian National Federation, stated that their organization stands by the cause and will provide all assistance required to finalize the project.

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