Unidentified gunmen killed a University student from our people and wounded another in Mosul

Ankawa.com – Mosul – Exclusive.
Unknown armed men attacked this morning, Tuesday 16th of February 2010, two students from our people in Mosul while they were in their way to the University.
  The trusted source reported to the site of ankawa.com in Mosul, said those criminal armed men attacked this morning the two students, Zaya and Ramsen, in Al-Araby district in the city. They killed Zaya Toma and wounded Ramsin Shmail who transferred to the hospital. The source added, the two students are from our people who displaced from the Iraqi capital Baghdad.
  By this accident, the results of crimes against our people in Mosul rise during the last three days to: three killed, two wounded and abduction of another one.
  It should be mentioned that the attacks against Christians in Mosul has intensified over the past few months and still going on. This move is interpreted by observers as aimed to evacuate the city of Mosul from Christianity.