Unconfirmed Reports on the death of Father Paolo Dall’Oglio

The Syrian Coalition expresses its deep concern over the situation of Father Paolo Dall’Oglio who disappeared in the city of Raqqa weeks ago. The Coalition calls for the disclosure of any information that could help identify his location and ensure his safety.

Despite unconfirmed reports saying Father Paolo Dall’Oglio has been killed in Raqqa, news coming from Al Raqqa indicates he is still alive. However, his location is still unknown.

The Syrian Coalition urges once again that FSA battalions and the Local Council in Raqqa take any possible steps to ensure the safe return of Father Paolo. The Coalition stresses the need for all Revolutionary Forces to commit to the guiding principles of the Syrian Revolution including protecting civilians as well as journalists and clerics.

The Syrian Coalition emphasizes that public freedom must be enshrined in the Syrian Revolution’s guiding principles and respected by all Revolutionary Forces.

We ask for mercy for our martyrs, health for our wounded, and freedom for our detainees.

Long live Syria and its people, free and with honor.

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