U.S Aid Fulfilled Its Promise of Helping Iraqi Refugees

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Last year the Vice President of America, Mike Pence promised to help Iraq refugees which he fulfilled this year. The Vice President said to stop donating through United Nations rather help the ‘persecuted communities through USAID.
In the previous year Mike Pence made a speech at the Annual Solidarity Dinner for Christians in the Middle East. He said that United Nations remained fail in helping financially to the Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq.

U.S Aid Fulfilled Its Promise of Helping Iraqi Refugees

He said that all minorities suffered in the Middle East must not depend on other institutions because America could provide them aid directly.

After a long discussion between American administration and United Nations members USAID decided to participate to a project called Funding Facility for Stabilization in Iraq (FFS) which cost is $420 million.

Some funding amount which is 55 million dollars has been given to UNDP (United Nations Development program) to aid the religious minority victims of ISIS.

Tom Staal USAID Counselor said that the American aid was particularly fixed only for minorities and according to the new agreement of UNDP special towns are nominated where aid money will be spent.

The UNDP will be given $75 million for Iraqi minorities’ development later which will be based on this program’s performance.

In 2016, USAID donated $115 million but this donation used by U.N., when cross checked was skimped from religious minority reestablishment, commented critics.

Therefore Vice President Pence changed the policy for helping Iraqi religious minorities specially the Christians.

Staal told that he had a meeting with the officials of Iraq and religious leaders in Ninevah. He also attended a chapel built in third Century which was devastated by ISIS militants.

After his tour to the Iraq, Staal had a meeting in the White House for adding more to the aid package. He said that 10 million dollars will be special fund for combating ISIS scary movement of ‘gender- based violence’.

The UNDP spokesperson announced that 37 million dollars is passed through UDNP for establishment project. The first priority of this project will be minority communities of Iraq.

U.S Aid Fulfilled Its Promise of Helping Iraqi Refugees