Two Christians died after starving in their house in Ba’shiqah – Exclusive

Our sources fr10530949_310593069100772_4439088973903018330_n-(1)om the town of Ba’shiqah reported to the site of that two dead bodies of Christian people were found in town. The victims were died from starving after staying for long time at their house in the town.

The source who declined to be named, said that a Muslim citizen of Ba’shiqah interred the house of Georgis David after the spread of a bad smell from the house. Inside the house he found the father Georgis and his son Saad dead in their home after starving. In the meantime, some of their Muslims friends in Ba’shiqah buried their bodies in the church.

It is noteworthy that the victims were deaf and dumb and did not leave the town after the occupation by the terrorist Islamic State 3 weeks ago.

This incident considered as the second one after finding the dead body of an elderly man sitting on the chair in his house. The man who was in his seventies died from starving in his house in the town of Ba’shiqah a week ago.



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