Trump’s Evangelical Board Speaks Out to Protect Displaced Iraqi Christians in the U.S.

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Members of President Trump’s evangelical advisory board confronted the administration last week about the effort to deport Iraqi Christians, according to a report in the Christian Post.
Their concern is that a group of Iraqis will be sent back to their homeland and face persecution for their faith.

The 30 advisory board members prayed over President Trump in the White House last week and took part in the all-day meeting, where they discussed the issue.

“It was brought up during the work day and discussed openly and a number of us disclosed that this decision — that we know was not a White House decision but a mid-level decision at the Department of Homeland Security — was a decision that we had received a lot of criticism for,” advisory board member Johnnie Moore said.

“We talked about it openly and we talked about it with administration people in the room,” Moore added.

Moore said the conversation about the deportation of Iraqi Christians led to subsequent talks about the issue and to an agreement to submit legal memos to the White House on the matter.

“Without disclosing too many confidential details, the administration gets it and they are taking it seriously and working on a plan to address it,” Moore explained. “That is precisely because we have the type of relationship where we raise our voice when something could have been done differently. We also understand how it happens. We get it. The president of the United States is not responsible for every single decision that every bureaucrat makes across the United States government, a government with 20 million employees,” he said.

Moore added that the “memos were sound legal arguments, rooted in genocide declarations passed by both houses of Congress to show a legal justification for treating these particular individuals differently.”

Last week a U.S. District Court judge halted the administration and their effort to deport up to 1,400 Iraqi nationals until courts can look over the deportation orders.

The ruling means that the 100 Iraqi Christians who have been detained cannot be immediately deported.

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