Trouble and demonstration of the Shiaa Shabak in Bartella – Exclusive
According to the information received from the town of Bartella, large groups of Shiaa Shabak who live in the neighboring villages started this morning, the first day of Christmas, a sudden mass demonstration in the streets of the town. The demonstration was accompanied by the performance of ceremony of Ashura (Commemoration of Imam Al-Husain death) in the central of the Christian town. The demonstration aroused the resentment of Bartella people after a group of demonstrators removed and destroyed parts of the Christmas decorations in response to rumors of tearing a banner for Ashura. The police forces and the national security, which did not intervene, but help in the performance of the rituals of Ashura, indifferent to the Christian character of the city and instead, they disperse the people of the town who demonstrated as well. Clashes and shooting occurred in these events and a Christian police man was wounded with two other Shabak demonstrators.
  Many meetings were held in Bartella to calm down the situation and extinguishing the flames of sedition. Qusay Abbas, a representative of Shabak in Nineveh province council, arrived and participated with the demonstrators and he had reassure the demonstrators by saying we will have our right by law.
  Officials from our national organizations, parties and security guards began talk to calm things down. On the other hand, Khaled Rafo, from Zuaa, refuted a statement by Haneen Al-Qaddo that Christian in Bartella interrupted the celebration of Ashura and said that Christian respect the privacy of the other ingredients and get involved with them.
  The situation got a relative calm after the arrival of Nineveh governor, Atheel Al-Najafy, to the town and held meetings with leaders of police, army and security forces. The governor held another meeting in Saint Shumoony church of the Syriac orthodox with the Christian Clergy, members of the town council, local party’s leaders, Syriac council and forces of Bartella protection. Mr. Al-Najafy asked all of them to take their role in calming down the situation.
  In the mean time, large numbers of troops and police forces were spread in and around the town and helicopters were used to monitor the situation and to protect the security of the town.