The Uprising in Syria which started on March 2011 continues constantly. The regime of
Assad tries all means to stop and crash this uprising. Thus, the country had turned into the
ruins and hundreds of thousands families fled their country. While the rebels fighting against
fascist practices of the regime, on the other hand some marginal groups and gangs belonging
to the regime terrorise people and civilians. With these terror acts all Syrian people are
affected as well as Syriac people and their religious institutions. Until today hundreds of
Syriac-Greek-Maronites had been killed because of their Christian belief. Hundreds of Syriacs
had been kidnapped for high amounts of ransom and when the ransom is not provided the
victims are killed with barbaric ways. Business establishments and domiciles had been
priority for the attacks and the gangs.
The terror attacks reached the tipping point on April, 22, 2013 against Syriac people in Syria.
This day, the bishop of Syriac Orthodox Church in Aleppo Hanna Ibrahim and the bishop of
Greek Orthodox Church Paolus Elyaziji had been kidnapped by unknown persons around
Aleppo. At the same time their driver Fethallah Robin Kabud had been killed.
In order to protest against this inhuman attack and sensibilise the world public opinion around
Syriac people problems, we are organising protest meetings in Brussels, Belgium and in
Södertalje, Sweden on April, 28, 2013.
We kindly ask the support, sensibility and empathy of world media organs and institutions to
the cry of Syriac people. The attention of media organisations to the protestations is vital and
fundamental during these difficult days that face Syriac people.
1. Unconditionally immediate release of two bishops.
2. Immediate cease of attacks against the religious values, properties and other assets of
Syriac people.
3. Immediate release of Syriac and Christians hostages and prisoners at the hands of
various gangs and of the regime.
4. Immediate cease of bloodshed and finding solution to the human tragedy. Release of
prisoners, stopping torture, exodus and destruction of the country. Inviting
international community, regional actors and humanitarian organisations to act
5. Christian Syriac-Assyrian-Chaldean-Aramean people in Syria face the same threats
and difficulties as it was in Iraq. In order to avoid and put aside all threats and
difficulties, United Nations, European Union, Arab Union and Islamic Union have to
act immediately.
Rond-Point Robert Schuman
1000 Brussels-BE
Date: 28-04-2013
Time: 14H00
Contact: 0032 484 54 44 36