Three Christians were murdered; two in Baghdad and one in Mosul, while another two were kidnapped

3methe.jpgby Helani
Mr. Ramzi Yaqub Elias Shamasha and Mr. Ismail Azira Naume Shamasha, were murdered on Wednesday, June 13, by terrorist groups who kidnapped them previous Monday. Although the families of the victims paid a ransom amount of $20,000, the bodies were received on Monday, June 18.
The funeral was held on Tuesday, June 19, in their village Telsqef. Many people from Telsqef attended the funeral.

Mr. Ramzi Yaqub Elias Shamasha was born in 1957 and lived in Hai-Alkhleg, Baghdad a husband and a father of 5 daughters and 2 boys. Mr. Ismail Azira Naume Shamasha, born in 1959, lived in Hai-Alamen, Baghdad husband and a father of 3 boys and one daughter.

In another separate incident the terrorist killed another young Christian from Baghdeda village on June 19. Mr. Anmar Akram Rofo Yaqo was in Mosul city Hai-Alwahda on his way to check his house which was abandoned because of the situation in Mosul.
Mr. Anmar, a husband and father of twins, was born in 1979. This murdering is continuing steadfastly all over Iraq against Christians and increasing in Mosul city located in northern Iraq.

On June 18, two Christian’s men from Batnya village were kidnapped in Mosul city from their work. One of the Christian was released after the ransom was paid, the other Christian is being held while the kidnapper is negotiating with his family. It has been said that in the last few months, ten young Christians from Batnya village have been kidnapped by terrorist groups.