Thousands of Christians Flee Syria as ISIS Advances in Sadad; Catholic Priest Provides Shelter to Iraqi Christians

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Thousands of Christians in the Syrian Christian town of Sadad began their exodus away from their hometown as ISIS/ISIL terrorist continue their offensive, reported Catholic Herald. Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh, the archbishop of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Homs told the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) that Islamic Jihadist launched a major offensive into Sadad 45 miles south of Homs on October 31 after capturing the key city of Maheen.

Maheen, located five miles from Sadad, fell into the Islamic extremist after launching two suicide bomb attacks that killed or injured at least 50 government fighters who were defending the city.

The jihadists immediately targeted the town of Christian town of Sadad and are also trying to capture Al-Hafar. But residents of the towns have started fleeing their villages out of fear of the ISIS/ISIL terrorists.

The advance of the ISIS in Sadad could threaten the Christians in the area as the jihadists treat them extremely harshly, often pressuring them to convert to Islam or face a violent death. Alnemeh estimated that nearly 15,000 Sadad inhabitants have since left their homes and sought refuge in Homs, Zaidal and Fairouzeh.

He said that Sadad is still endangered, despite the presence of Syrian Army forces. “We are afraid that ISIS, which God will hopefully prevent, will conquer the town. We would lose the centre of Christianity in our diocese.”

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Over the weekend, ISIS terrorists have released 37 Syrian Christians, part of a group of 200 Assyrians they kidnapped in February.

In Marka, Jordan, about 20 minutes from downtown Amman, Catholic priest Khalil Jaar has been providing shelter to hundreds of Christian refugees and their families who have fled persecution from ISIS/ISIL terrorists from occupied Iraq, reported WND.

Father Khalil, who was originally from Bethlehem in Israel, is backed by French missionaries as they provide shelter, food and clothing to the refugees at a small church complex called St. Mary’s, as their bake fresh apple tarts. But the small church is not only giving food to Christians, Muslims in nearby communities are welcome to join.

At present, St. Mary’s is providing care for more than 500 families in need from Syria, Iraq, and even Jordan, but particularly Iraqi refugees who fled their town captured by the ISIS, including Mosul. These refugees have fled to Jordan to seek for asylum, while others consider Jordan as a brief stop over for their final destination in the West.

The web site said, “Father Khalil’s operation helps support these families by providing money for rent or a portion thereof and food assistance. While many Iraqi refugees are highly skilled workers, they are not allowed to legally work in Jordan, forcing many to burn through what little savings they were able to hide when they fled ISIS.”

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