They found their burned Land Rover The Kidnapping of three Christian people in Kirkuk while they were on hunting trip – Kirkuk – Exclusive
By Emad Matty
Three Christian people and one Turkmen person from Kirkuk province were kidnapped while on hunting trip. The Land Rover car which belongs to the abductees with the charred bodies of the hunting dogs was found burned.
According to reliable source reported to the site of, Pertus Georges (born in 1951), Noweya Yelda (born in 1968), Ashor Dawood (born in 1950) and other Turkmen person called Junkies Ezzeddine were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen while on hunting trip near the villages of Daquq south of Kirkuk. The fate of the abducted people those using Land Rover car remain unknown until the hour of the preparation of this report.
The sources added that the police of Kirkuk found few hours ago the car of the four kidnapped people. The car was burned and inside were the bodies of the burned hunting dogs those accompanied the three men in their trip.
It should be mentioned that the churches in Kirkuk have been subjected to a wide targeting attacks during last August. As a result dozens of Christian people were injured in addition to the great damages in the churches buildings and the surrounding houses. The owners of these houses are still suffering from real difficulties in restoration of the damages left by the blasts.