Theatre: Sara, an ordinary girl

saratheater_32.jpgOn Sunday November 4th 2007 the Theatre play ‘ Sara, an ordinary girl’ will be presented as a part of the ongoing project: ‘ Discussing Taboos ‘ among the Assyrian community in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Assyrian families frequently encounter problems that are rarely discussed in the community. The existence of these problems are not acknowledged and often denied. Shame and fear for exposure are the reasons why families focus on covering these social problems, instead of finding a solution. This will cause mistreatment and abuse to continue. When the problem gets ‘ out of control’, it eventually shocks the community.

The most important goals of this project are to recognize and discuss these problems in an early stage and by this, the taboos in the Assyrian community that can lead to severe social problems among some families will be uncovered. We hope that this project will encourage the discussion and, through this, the prevention of such social problems.

The theatre will also discuss aggression and violence in the families, as well as addiction and the so-called ‘ lover-boys’ problem.

In addition, the theatre will play a round-table discussion with specialists in different fields who will give their opinion regarding these issues. The discussion is open for the public to discuss.