The well-Known Iraqi archaeologist Behnam Nuaman Abu Alsof has passed away – Exclusive
Today in Jordan the well-known Iraqi archaeologist Behnam Nasser Nuaman Abu Alsof has passed away. He was one of the top archaeologists in Iraq. His body will laid to rest next Saturday, where majestic funeral will be hold and involve the Iraqi Embassy in Jordan, in addition to other scientific and cultural activities of the Iraqi intellectuals.
The prayers on the soul of the deceased will be carried out at the church of Alathra Alnassera in Sweifeia at noon on Saturday. His body will then be transferred and buried at the Christian cemetery Sahab.
The prayers for the first, second and third day will take place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, respectively, at the church hall in Sweifeia, from 5 pm to 8 pm.
About the late Abu Alsof
Behnam Abu Alsof was born in 1931 in the city of Mosul (whom he loved with all his heart), and there he completed his primary and high school study. He received a BA degree in Archaeology and Civilization from the Faculty of Art at the University of Baghdad in 1955.
He continued his postgraduate study at Cambridge University – England and got a PhD degree in archaeology and the nucleus of civilization and anthropology in 1966.
He worked for many years in the excavations in a large number of archaeological Iraqi sites, all over Iraq. He scientifically supervised the extensive excavation rescue at both Hemrine and Aski Mosul dams on the Tigris River in the late seventies till the mid eighties of the last century.
He explored in central Iraq new civilization for the early Stone Age which high light to a large extent on the very ancient information.
He supervised large number of M.Sc and PhD Iraqi, Arab and foreigner students.
He participated in many conferences and seminars inside and outside Iraq.
Ha held many seminars on archaeology at American, British and European Universities.
He held many lectures about Iraqi archaeology in American, British and various archaeological institutions in the world.
He has dozens of books and publications about ancient and modern Iraq.
He worked in many scientific and administration site at the Iraqi archaeological institutes and Universities, as a Director General of the investigation and protection of archaeological sites, and Director General of Antiquities and Museums.
Despite his retirement at the end of the eighties, he continued his academic, scientific and cultural activities.
He received large number of Medals, scientific certificates and many national and international assessments.
He left Iraq in 2007 with great feeling of pain, for what happened to the Antiquities of Iraq, and settled in Amman, Jordan until the day of his death.