Yerevan – 18 April, 2012
The Assyrian people of Armenia took a historical step to preserve their heritage and history by honouring victims of the Assyrian genocide, committed by the Ottoman government during WWI (1914-1918).

According to Mr. Arsen Mikhaylov, the Chapter Secretary of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) in Armenia, preparations are under way for the upcoming official unveiling of the Assyrian genocide monument in Yerevan on 25 April, 2012.

A special program is organised by the AUA in collaboration with Assyrian Armenian Association “Atour”. The unveiling will commence at 3:00 pm at Yerevan city, Crossroads of Moskovyan and Nalbandyan,

Mr. Mikhaylov said that he expects a number of representatives from the government to attend the unveiling. It is also expected that a large number of guests will arrive from overseas including; Mr. Hermiz Shahen, the Deputy Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance from Australia; Mr. David David , The president of the Assyrian Australian National Federation and the Regional Secretary of AUA in Australia and New Zealand; Mr. Edwin Babeleh Khanshan, Regional Secretary of Homeland from Iran; Dr. Anahit Khosroeva, Ph.D., a Senior Researcher in the Institute of History, National Academy of Science From The Republic of Armenia. and Mr. Sabri Atman, Director of the Assyrian Genocide Research Centre (Seyfo Center) from Europe . Among the guests will also be representatives from the Assyrian Armenian organisations.

The Assyrian Universal Alliance –Armenian Chapter and the Assyrian Association of Armenia “Atour” , are extending an open invitation to all Assyrians around the globe to attend this important memorial ceremony, sharing this historic moment with them. We will be pleased and honoured to see participation by non-Assyrians as a measure of support for the Assyrian nation’s demand for justice, and the condemnation of genocide in general. Mr. Mikhaylov said

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