The Syriac Christians in Hassakeh in urgent need

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Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,
The Syrian regime continued a week ago its repeated aggression and attacks against the people of Al-Hassakah. The escalation of the violence committed by the regime demonstrated that it refuses to abide previously agreed ceasefires.
Al-Hassakah city is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious city, which is the capitol of the government of the Jazeera (aramaic: Gozarto) region in the North East of Syria. The Jazeera / Gozarto region is one of the 3 cantons of the Democratic Self-Administration, which has been established by Syriac Christians, Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Armenians and Chechens in 2013.
Beside Kurds and Arabs, many of the Syriac Christians, who live in Al-Hassakah region, suffer under the continuing violence. Syriac Christians in Al-Hassakah fled for ISIS and are now again confronted with violence.
Please find enclosed the press release of the European Syriac Union regarding the incidents in North-East Syria.

Kind regards,
Rima Tüzün

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