The site of individually publish a short video for the first moments of the destruction of the nuns victory monastery in Mosul

  • Written by: – Younes Thanon
Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq
The site of individually publish a short video showing the first moments for the blowing up of the nuns victory monastery located in Alaraby neighbourhood at the northeast of the city of Mosul. The sources of in Mosul said that the planting of explosive devices in the vicinity of the monastery by the militants of the terrorist Islamic State on Monday morning led to partial destruction of its building.

The sources added the militants resumed planting of more explosive devises on Monday afternoon which their explosion resulted in a full destruction of the monastery. The effects of the explosion reached and destroyed the Dome of the monastery which was at a height of about 20 meters.

A number of residents in the area said that the militants informed them to take care and open the windows of their houses to reduce the damages that could result from the storm power of their action. This act represents the first of its kind by the terrorist militants to destroy the holy Christian places in the city of Mosul.

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