The rise of the abduction cases concern the Christian in Mosul

In about one month, the Christian families were talking about the abduction of two persons from our people while the security forces kept silence through their reports. Few Christian families living in the city expressed their concern about the rising of such cases, especially after it’s started to take long periods of negotiations between the abductors and the families of the abducted people, which in most cases ended with killing., as in the case the abducted person of Salem Bergo whose body was found in the forensic medical department last Thursday. Salem Bergo was kidnapped at the beginning of last August. The news about the abducted Hekmat Saeed referred to the demand of the abductors for more than $20,000, and by following the reports from Nineveh Governorate or the security forces in the city, the people were surprised because of the silence about the abduction cases, the thousands of questions that remains without answers about that and the fear from becoming the beginning for a new series of targeting the Christian people in Mosul and repeating what was happened on the 1st of October last year.