The question of construction of the Monument to victims of the Assyrian Genocide in Yerevan is brought up on new level

On January, 28th, 2011 has been published the article ( «BUILDING THE MONUMENT TO VICTIMS OF THE ASSYRIAN GENOCIDE IN YEREVAN DISTURBS THE PUBLIC». In article the sharp criticism of the negative situation which has developed during preparation for an establishment of «the Monument devoted to victims of the Genocide of the Assyrian Nation in 1915» (further the Monument) in Yerevan.

In brief we will remind, that the Assyrian association “Atur” (the head – Arsen Mikhaylov), having usurped the right to speak on behalf of all Assyrian Nation and to make fatal decisions for him without having more or less serious grounds single-handedly made a decision about a place of an establishment of the Monument devoted to victims of the Genocide of the Assyrian Nation in 1915 in Ottoman Empire and approved his sketches. In fact, the Association management was unable to understand the political and historical significance of this Memorial, and have relegated the issue to the level of a question of establishment of usual gravestone.

One gets the impression as though they bring up question not about the perpetuating of memory of victims of the monstrous tragedy in the beginning of 20th century, which carried away the lives of hundreds of thousands of the people standing at civilization sources and having millennia history. They brought up this question as like on the character and scale of event which is the private soldier. For comparison we will make the small historical excursion and will recollect how the construction of the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan was. The monument project was widely discussed, despite huge difficulties of that time, and literally all world Armenian public has been involved in this project. Thanks to it Tsitsernakaberd was, is and will always remain the most important sacred place of all Armenians.

It is obvious that the Monument devoted to victims of the Genocide of the Assyrian Nation in 1915 in Ottoman Empire in Yerevan have to become a sacred place of all Assyrian people and for it they have to feel the participation, since the earliest development cycles and realization of the given project.

But, already have been from the very beginning violated the fundamental principles which are unshakable dogmas of creation of national memorial complexes. The Assyrian Community was, in fact, isolated from the process of designing the Monument sketch; in general the openness of discussion of name of the Memorial and his sketch had been reduced to zero.

The choice of construction site of Monument devoted to victims of the Genocide of the Assyrian Nation in 1915 in Ottoman Empire had been single-handedly solved by the Assyrian association “Atur” which ignored the feelings of the people, who survived the Genocide. The proximity of the selected site with entertainment sites (gaming halls, cafes, restaurants) is a cause of righteous indignation. Perhaps Armenian officials thought, that, giving a place in the centre of Yerevan, they show their respect to the Assyrian Nation. But, having allowed several “Assyrian activists», in practice to mislead itself and not having found time for checking up, whether the opinion of these “activists” coincides with opinion of the wide Assyrian public, officials have not suspected that they have shown own political short-sightedness and make to the Assyrian people the service of “bear”.

What to talk already about the gross violations in the creation of the construction documents, and, especially, during the transition to the construction phase, which remains the most opaque stain in this story.

Playing on the patriotic feelings of Assyrians which are ready to invest, and, seems to have already invested significant funds for the establishment of this shrine, Assyrian association “Atur” even not bother to present to all the Assyrian Public the financial budget of the given project, and moreover, has impudently ignored all appeals of Assyrians which asked to publish the financial statements of produced works. Thereby, has been given occasion which essentially is saddening of the initiative the establishing the Monument, and to ask whether only patriotic feelings manage such “activists”?

All this had not remained unnoticed by the Assyrian Public which could not watch long, how it is created similar lawlessness. At the initiative of the Interstate Assyrian Coordination Council (IACC) has been created the Commission “On the establishing of the Assyrian Genocide Monument devoted to innocent victims in 1915” in Yerevan (in future the Commission) on November, 6th 2010. Overall objective of this Commission was stop of the lawlessness and to bring up the question of the establishing of the Monument on corresponding due level.
Months of effort of the Commission and sincere friends of the Assyrian Nation from among representatives of other nationalities realizing all importance and depth of this project are finally crowned with success. 15th June 2011, the Municipality of Yerevan in written form informed about stop of the construction of the Monument. Below is the documents and their translation.

We express special thanks to the Mayor of Yerevan, Mr. K. Karapetyan for his personal involvement in resolving this problem. Now a new stage in history of construction of the complex devoted to victims of the Assyrian Genocide, a stage which will require from us real consolidation, very active participation of all the Assyrian communities.

We, as the Commission that represents the Assyrian Community in Armenia, pledge that from now on all decisions related with this Memorial, in the first place will be submitted for open discussion of all the Assyrian organizations, such as in the territory of Armenia as well as existing beyond and only after obtaining the approval of a broad comprehensive support solutions will be implemented. This is the only way to perpetuate the memory of the innocent victims of ancestors.

We thank all those who did not remain indifferent to those the grossly violations that took place in the organization and works on the creation of Monument. The Memorial which will be worthy memory of innocent victims of the Assyrian Genocide in 1915 in Ottoman Empire, have to be erected in Yerevan through our joint efforts!





M U N I C I P A L I T Y    OF    Y E R E V A N 

N 50/2-18623                                                                            «15»   06      2011   


Member of the Commission on affairs of national minorities of Public Council of Republic of Armenia Mrs. Irina Gasparyan 




We inform, that to the Mayor of Yerevan have given the decision about stopping of building work of establishment of «the Assyrian Genocide Monument devoted to innocent victims in 1915».We apply the copies of decisions of the Mayor of Yerevan N 5261-Ա, dated 12 November, 2008 and N 2154-Ա dated 04 June, 2010.                               Simultaneously, taking into considering, that regarding the Monument exist disagreements between the organizations, we sent the letter to the department of Urban Planning and Land Control of staff of Yerevan Municipality about stopping of building work of Monument installation and establishment of the corresponding control when due hereunder, the copy is applied. 





Executive of department of Architecture and Urban Planning of staff of Yerevan Municipality                              Kasaryan A. Касарян  А.