The Press Freedom Advocacy Association concludes the workshop”Leadership” giving certificates to the participants

Baghdad 1st Augest 2013
The Press Freedom Advocacy Association Ended, on Thursday its workshop “Leadership” for the free press, which was attended by 16 people from the students of the Faculty of Information and civilian activists.
And continued the session, which was held at the headquarters of the Association, for a whole month, in which participants received three workshops on writing and reporting news as well as field training to cover the events. The Association provided for the participants in the workshop certificates of participation.
Also, coordinated with a number of local newspapers to spread the news distinct prepared by the participants in the workshop, to raise their morale, and urged them to continue in the journalistic work after the end of their training period
This comes within the training program for youth and developed by the Press Freedom Advocacy Association, it aims to train 50 young students from the Faculty of Information and civilian activists to write news and press reports, through workshops and group of 10 people in each workshop.
The Association seeks from this program to youth development and rehabilitation of journalism, as activists seek to empower of writing their activities and reporting news to make it easier for the media to deal with.