The President of Kurdistan Region Received The Cardinal Amanoeel Delli

  The president of Kurdistan region, Mr. Masood Barazany, received in Salah Al-Deen the Cardinal Amanoeel Delli,the Arbishop of Caldean in the world, and his accompanied delegation that included a number of Bishops.
  During the meeting, the Cardinal Delli congratulate president Barazany for his re-election for the presidency of Kurdistan region wishing him all the best. The Cardinal Dally, also, expressed his gratitude to the president for his care and concern for the Christians in Kurdistan and all Iraq and describing the regin as protector and shelter for Christian people. He also, expressed in his wishes, that the peace and friendship present between all the constituent of Kurdistan people to include all the regions of federal Iraq.
  At the same time, Mr. Barazany emphases on the deep brotherhood between Kurds and Christians referring to the culture of Kurdistan people which considered as peaceful and friendship culture. In relation to the right of Christian people, the president of the region assure the Cardinal Delli, the Arbishop of Caldean in the world, that affixing their right and duties is one of his duties and will never stop concerning about it. The president, also added, that Kurdistan region is always open for the Christian people who come because of the violence.