The pre eminence of Syriac

It was the official language of the Chaldean Empire from seventh to sixth centuries BC and of the Persian Empire from sixth to fourth centuries BC. At the time of Alexander the Great, Aramaic was the official language of all the nations from Asia Minor to Persia and from Armenia to Arabian Peninsula.Then it become the official and commercial languages of all countries of western Asia. Syrian colonies sprang up in various parts of Asia and even in Kerala. At the time of Jesus, Syriac was the vernacular of Palestine and He preached His doctrines in Syriac. Syriac literature also developed in to a great extend through the works and writings of many scholars. These writings covered all the aspects of the namely Theology, Philosophy, Medicine, Science,Biblical studies, Mathematics, Astronomy,Astrology,History,Legends,Civics,Canon law,Liturgy,Life of early Syrian Christians,Syriac poetry and so on. It was one of the three languages in which the Holy Bible was originally written. The other two were Hebrew and Greek. The fathers of the church also wrote their works in Syriac,Latin and Greek. Thus Syriac become an important language of the ancient world.