The poem and the person

  • Written by:

 Paul  Assyrian


 And the debate is still loud a storm

 Between the poem to the poem,

 Or the poem to the human being.

 There are those who philosophize with colorful words

 To write his poetic text,

 About dreams about his virgin love at night

 Or spinning in the vicious circle with words to fall into a spider’s web,

 There are those who write short

 To communicate the idea with Japanese haiku.

 The best words are what are few and meaningful.

 And above the high poetic platforms

 The poet reads his long poem

 In the hall we even hear the listener snoring

 And whoever reads the poem in short words

 Behind it, the palm groves are music that lights the hall with lights.

 The planets revolve around the sun of the poem to ring out from the conquered space!

 Is he a poet with words

 The mother of scholars in the lights

 When we read our residents qatena  Al-Jabbar and Al-Mutanabi, Al-Jawahiri or Muzaffar Al-Nawab, we enjoy a lot

 Imagination or content

 Or Nazem Hikmat, or Eliza, and Ayoun Eliza, or Neruda, are surprised by the wording of the words

 That centered on candles and lanterns

 Enlighten minds,

 This is how we taught the heroes of the words they play

 Like music in every time and place

 The word is for the sake of man.

 Because he is the only one who excelled in making

 The letters are from human ribs

 It is not from dirt or water that ancient ideas invented.

 Yes poets,

 Let the words of your poems be,

 Candles illuminate the trail,

 Towards freedom of man and peoples.


 2020/12/15 Windsor / Canada