The pass away of the bishop Andrawes Abona – Exclusive
The Patriarch deputy for pastoral affairs, the bishop Andrawes Abona, passed away to heaven today, the 27th of July 2010, in Ankawa while he was in hospital for treatment.
  His body will be buried in Mar Yousif church in Ankawa at 5 pm today.
  The bishop Abona was born in Beadar at the town of Zakho on the 23rd of March 1943.
  He attended the patriarch institute in Mosul in 1957 and became priest on the 5th of June 1966.
  He served at Basrah Chaldean parish from 1967-1971.
  He appointed pastor for Mar Yousif church, worker redeemer, in Baghdad for the period 1971-1991.
  He was chosen by the Patriarch Rufaeel II Beadaweed as personal secretary for the period 1989-1991.
  He was appointed as pastor for Chaldean-Syriac mission in London (UK) for the period 1991-2001.
  He has got a diploma degree in journalism and diploma in pastoral divinity from the University of Heathrop (London) in 1993.
  He was elected as patriarch deputy on the 6th of November 2002.
  He was accepted the bishop ceremony by the holy Pop John Paul the second at Rome in 2003.
  He worked in the field of Christian Education and he was in charge for the catholic youth in Baghdad