The Netherlands Confirms to the SNC that it will Maintain Pressure on the Syrian Regime

 On Tuesday, Jan. 17, a delegation from the Syrian National Council (SNC), headed by Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, met with Mr. Uri Rosenthal, the Dutch Foreign Minister. The SNC delegation is undertaking a tour of nations to strengthen communications with foreign governments and relay the demands of the Syrian people.

The Dutch government confirmed their support for the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom and dignity. They renewed their commitment to continue their economic and diplomatic pressure, in collaboration with the European community, which is ready to impose a new set of sanctions on the Syrian regime.

Mr. Rosenthal pledged to adopt a resolution by the United Nations Security Council, in coordination with the European Union and the international community, to condemn the Syrian regime and impose sanctions while providing international protection for civilians.

Mr. Rosenthal praised the courage of the Syrian demonstrators while expressing concerns over the ongoing violence used by the regime in killing thousands of Syrians. He stated, ”It is time to end to this violence,” and emphasized that “Bashar Al-Assad must step down to leave Syria with an open route for democratic values.”

The Dutch Foreign Minister expressed his appreciation of the SNC and its efforts in representing Syrian issues at an international level. He further noted, “It is important to respect the rights of all Syrians in the new Syria,” stressing the importance of “taking into account the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and the role of women in the transitional phase.”

Dr. Ghalioun described to the Dutch Foreign Ministry representatives the suffering of the Syrian people under Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. He spoke of the bloody war waged by the regime against Syrian cities and towns. Mr. Ghalioun also stressed the importance of a unified international position in standing with the Syrian people as they rid themselves of this brutal regime. He described the SNC’s extensive outreach efforts within Syria, the Arab world, and the Arab League. Mr. Ghalioun concluded by describing the nature of the post-Assad rebuilding phase in Syria.

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