The names of the five winners from the sons of our people for the Iraqi parliamentary seats – Exclusive
 Five candidate winners from the lists of our people competing for the parliamentary seats within the quota allocated to Christians, three of them to the Assyrian Democratic Movement and two others to the People’s Council of Chaldean Syriac Assyrian.

For the Al-Rafedain list, the winners are, Yonadem Yousif Kanna from Baghdad Province, Basima Yousif Boutros from Erbil, and Emad Youkhana Yaqu Youkhana from Kirkuk, while the winners from the People’s Council list are Khalis Berber from Nineveh and Lewis Caro Bandar from the province of Duhok.

Below are the photographs of the five winners and their ID according to the information they have gave to this site in previous interviews:

Chairman of the list of Al-Rafedain 389 Yonadem Kanna

ID card:
Yonadem Yousif Kanna was born in Al-Anbar in 1951. He is the Secretary General of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, Bachelor of Civil Engineering from University of Sulaimanyia 1975 and member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 2006. He was minister of works and housing and minister of energy in the Kurdistan Regional Government for the period 1992-2001.


President of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian People’s Council list 390 Khalis Berbers


ID card:
Khalis Esho Asitevo Youhana Berber, born in 1957, married and has one son and three daughters, holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of Engineering – Electrical Department – Mosul University – 1980. He is a member of the Iraqi Syndicate of Engineers, Chief Engineer Senior of the construction at Ashur Construction Company and president of Qaraqosh Sports club.


Candidate list of Al- Rafedain 389 Basima Yousif Boutros

ID card:
Basima Yousif Boutros, born in 1963 – Erbil – Ankawa. She holds a Master degree of Science in chemistry. She was a lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences / University of Salahalddin until 2005, Minister of Science and Technology in the previous Iraqi government, former member of the Central Committee of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, participated in several local and international conferences on women and human rights, including the conference that she organized for international women’s leadership in Oman.


Candidate of the People’s Council Dr. Lewis Caro Mansur

ID card:
Dr. Lewis Caro Bandar Mansur, assistant professor of educational psychology and dean of Evening Studies at the University of Duhok. He was born in Zakho in 1954. He is married and has three children. He got his Ph.D degree in Educational Psychology from the College of Education- Baghdad University in 1996. He speaks Syriac, Arabic, Kurdish and English fluently.


Candidate list of Al Rafedain 389 Emad Youkhana Yaqu Youkhana

ID card:
Emad Youkhana Yagu Youkhana was born in Amadiyah/Duhok in 1966. He is married and has two daughters and one son. He is a resident in the province of Kirkuk, a graduate of the University Of Baghdad College Of Agriculture 1989 – 1990, fluent in Syriac, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish languages. He worked in the area of trade and entrepreneurship before the change in 2003. After 2003, he joined the Assyrian Democratic Movement and worked within its divisions and promoted in responsibilities until reaching the position of an official branch of the movement in Kirkuk, as a member of the movement’s leadership.

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