The Mueller report: Collusion revealed

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By Wallace Henley, CP Exclusive Despite findings by Robert Mueller and his investigative team that there was no collusion between Donald Trump and his campaign with Russia leading up to the 2016 presidential

election, there is actually evidence of a great deal of collusion. It is clear that a powerful network of elites sought to control the narrative and even the outcomes of the Mueller investigations no matter what objective evidence found—or did not. Throughout history nations have had within them elites that form a social and cultural worldview, along with values they want the society to embrace. As these elitist individuals coalesce with likeminded peers a consensus develops about a proper worldview, narrative, and sets of values. Eventually consensus leads to informal collusion, then formal collusion which becomes conspiratorial behavior—if not in a legal sense, at least in function. To understand how a consensus establishment works, consider the biblical account of Daniel in Babylon. When King Nebuchadnezzar snatched Daniel and other choice young Hebrews from their homeland to live as slaves and exiles in Babylon, they were put under the control of a group called the “Chaldeans”. Sometimes in the Bible the word refers to an ethnic group and in other cases to a powerful elitist cadre pushing their worldview and cultural narrative on an unthinking populace. In other words, the Chaldeans were the framers of the propaganda, and also its propagators and preservers. In Daniel’s time, the Chaldeans were the keepers of political correctness. They colluded to see to it that everyone toed the line. Daniel 1 reports that Nebuchadnezzar ordered one of his top aides “to teach (Daniel and his fellow captives) the literature and language of the Chaldeans.” (Daniel 1:4) The “Chaldeans” are still around, and worked hard to align the Mueller process and report to the outcomes that would lend credence to their own contrived narratives about Trump and the Russians. This modern-day “Chaldean” cadre consists of the Entertainment Establishment, the Information Establishment, the Academic Establishment, the Political Establishment, and the Corporate Establishment. In the wake of Mueller’s report, the collusion of these groups to undo the election of 2016, and undermine the Trump presidency comes to the surface. Room here does not permit a full examination of the many collusions between all five of the elites comprising the consensus-values establishment, but consider this example of the top two—the Entertainment and Information Establishments. “More than 15 journalists, several U.S. government officials and multiple lawmakers were shown or given the Steele dossier (the document by Christopher Steele that ignited the Mueller investigations) during the 2016 presidential campaign or shortly thereafter, according to a March 18 report by Chuck Ross in The Daily Caller An organization called Fusion GPS allegedly disseminated the dossier far and wide in an apparent attempt to insert the document’s salacious allegations into the media,” an effort described by The Daily Caller as “widespread.” Meanwhile, important voices in the Entertainment Establishment reinforced the narrative, as they chanted in unison their shared consensus about Trump and the purported Russian collusion. Rosie O’Donnell accused the president of treason, as did John Cusack, Rob Reiner, Jimmy Kimmel, Barbara Streisand, and others. Bette Midler opined that Trump was a traitor. Chris Evans proclaimed Trump a moron, puppet, and coward in his dealings with Putin. The Information Establishment in our time consists of the internet sources that propagate the consensus of the values regime through the web, along with establishment news media. In tyrannical states the Information Establishment is under control of the government. In a free republic the Information Establishment will often seek to create its own tyranny over any process or group following a line not sanctioned by the consensus establishment. Amazon magnate Jeff Bezos, anticipating that the Mueller report would produce evidence showing Trump guilty of collusion with the Russians, said he was ready to dispatch drones to deliver the report to every home in America, according to The New Yorker magazine. “For the past two years, a large swath of the media engaged in a mass act of self-deception and partisan group-think,” said David Harsanyi, senior editor of The Federalist. Now that Robert Mueller “has delivered his report on Russian collusion, it’s clear that political journalists did the bidding of those who wanted to delegitimize and overturn Trump’s election.” Since May 2017, according to Axios, there have been 533,074 articles appearing on the web about the Mueller investigation, resulting in 245 million responses on Twitter and Facebook. The entire episode shows how easy it is to form a consensus around rumor and falsehood, and manipulate the non-reflective segments of the public. Donald Trump’s excessive ad hominem attacks on his adversaries must also be weighed on the scales of truth. Nevertheless, whether a formal conspiracy or not, Trump was falsely accused and found guilty by the consensus establishment, many people were misled, and millions of dollars spent in the effort to confirm and propagate what we now know were the false conclusions of the consensus establishment. Mueller and his investigators may not have found evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, but apparently there was much informal collusion on the part of the present-day “Chaldean” establishments to try to discredit Trump and nullify the 2016 presidential election.