The Members of The Kurdistan Parliament Council Perform the Oath

During an official cermony, in the presence of Regional, Iraqi and International officials, The President of Regional Kurdistan and the members of the elected Kurdistan Parliament Council, including the members from our people, performed the Constitutional Oath. During the cermony, Kamal Kurkuly was elected new President for the Parliament instead of the previous President Adnan Al-Mufty.
  Al-Mufty headed the openning session as he was the President of the previous Council. The cermony started by a reading of paragraphs from the Holly Kuraan and the standing of one minut for the spirits of the Martyrs . Then, Al-Mufty gave the Chairmanship of the session to Sherwan Al-Haidary after he performed the legal swear as he is the oldest among the presence.
  The cermony was attented by the President of the region, Masood Barazany, the Prime Minister, the previous President of the Parliament, a number of high Iraqi and Regional Officials, the previous American Ambassador, Dr. Zalmay Khalil Zad, Ambassadors and representative of Consulates in Baghdad and Erbil and the previous and the new elected members of Kurdistan Parliament.
  Afterwards, the new elected members started the performance of the Oath, five of them are from our people, they are: Salem Kako, Thaer Abd-Alahad, Jehan Ismaeel, Suzan Al-Kusrany and Amer Kuka.
  Kamal Kurkuly was elected President for the Parliament, Arslan Bays his Deputy and Farsat Ahmed as Secretary. After that, the Regional president, Masood Barazany, who was elected for second period of presidency, performed the Constitutional Oath.
The Oath was as follows:
In the name of Allah -The Merciful – The Compassionate
I, Masood Barazany swear in the name of the great God that I will preserve all the right, acquisitions, unity and advantages of Kurdistan Regional people and to perform my responsibilities and duties in elaborating and faithfulness.