The majority of the displaced families to Ankawa returned back to their homes in Nineveh Plain – Exclusive
The majority of the families who escape to Ankawa returned to their town and homes in Nineveh plain. The displacement of people took place after the battles broken between the militants of Daash and the Peshmerga in the region near the Christian town Baghdida. As a result of the continuous bombardment by Daash militants, the families left the town.
The head of Al-Beshara Charity Association, Omid Audo Mansour, said to the site of that the majority of the families left Ankawa on Saturday with the help of people and Institutions of Ankawa. He added, only 300 families left here in Ankawa after their number was 2000 families. He also said, the schools became empty now and the remaining families live either at Ankawa institutions or in the houses of local people.
Mansour expected that the remaining families will go back during the next couple of days.

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