The Kidnapping of Christian man in Mosul – Mosul – Exclusive

According to a reliable source for the site of, unidentified gunmen abducted on Saturday evening one of the Christian citizen from his place of work in Mosul.
  The source added that the citizen Sabah Jacob Dahan, of 57 years old, was abducted from his place of work, located at Al-Hadbaa quarter in the eastern part of the city, on Saturday evening, the 13th of February 2010.
  It should be mentioned that the attacks against Christians in Mosul has intensified over the past few months and the majority of the attacks attributed to the unidentified gunmen.
  We will bring you more details when it becomes available to us.
  It is important to mention that a series of organized criminal operations on Christian people are still going on in Mosul in a move explained by observers as aimed to evacuate the city from Christianity.