The Islamic State (ISIL) opened a special market for selling confiscated materials and goods of Christians in Mosul

  • Written by: – Younes Thanon – Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq
Sources of the site of in Mosul said that militants of the Islamic organization (ISIL) opened a special market for selling goods and materials confiscated from Christian’s houses. In addition, the market also includes the contents confiscated from the churches in the area. The market opened at the right bank of the city of Mosul. The sources added that ISIL called this market “Spoils of Nasara” (Spoils of Christians). The goods presented in this market are: TVs, refrigerators, deep freezes, cooling systems (splits and air coolers) and varieties of electrical devices stolen from Christian’s houses in that side of the city.
In addition, the market contains what has been stolen from the churches located in the right bank of the city and belong to Syriac, Catholics, Armenians and Chaldeans communities.
The prices of the goods in this market ranging between 50-75 thousand dinars. These prices attracted the people in the area to buy the different goods and devices as they are of good qualities, modern and cheap.
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