The Iraqis:History, Culture,and Challenges. A Training Session for DHS Officials

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The Iraqis: History, Culture, and Challenges. A Training Session for DHS Officials with special emphasis on Iraqi Christians and other minorities. (See below : DHS web site)
Prepared and presented by Joseph T. Kassab, founder and president of ICAE Institute to the U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – Homeland Security investigations (HSI) officials:
In order for DHS-HSI officials better understand diaspora and ancestral grassroots communities, the leadership of DHS-HSI invited Joseph T. Kassab as country (Iraq) and Iraqi Christian affairs as national expert to provide cultural competency training for more than 100 of its directors and immigration /refugees/asylum cases adjudicating officers. The purpose of the requested training was to help better familiarize the homeland security officers with the culture and the identity of Iraqi Christians and the challenges they are facing in their homeland Iraq and the surrounding countries.
The 2 hours training session took place at the Detroit Regional USCIS offices on Monday December 7th, 2015. Kassab answered many questions and concerns the DHS officials had. It is imperative to mention that DHS recently had launched a very attractive communities partnership program.
ICAE Institute pledges to continue its systematic campaign to increase awareness on the identity and the plight of Iraqi Christians globally among the people of goodwill including the American officials and the society at large and the U.S. Presidential Campaigns.