The Iraqi Police in Mosul managed to release the kidnapped Riyadh Batti /Mosul
In an attracting development, the Iraqi Police managed to release the kidnapped Riyadh Batti after less than 24 hours of kidnapping by armed men.
Our special sources stated that the police during raiding ,came across the kidnapped in one of the houses in Hay Al-Sukar while the kidnappers escaped to an unknown place ,without catching up. Meanwhile three families residing in Hay AL-Sukar left their houses to Teleskaf specially after increasing threats distributed by unknown groups calling the Christians of the mentioned district to embrace the Islamic religion, pay ransom or be killed.
Targeting Christian families is increasing specifically in Ramadan, where the Iraqi police found the body of the youth Rayan Nafei Basheer Jamooa at the beginning of this month after two weeks of killing his father in Mosul.
Ankawa sources assured the information of killing the son and father within two weeks where the groups send a letter to Rayan in his shop of turnery work in the Industrial region without paying attention even after finding the body of his father . Rayan was kidnapped and his body was found in one of the streets of Hay AL-Baker nearby the head office of one of the Kurdish parties.