The Iraqi activist Hanaa Edward awarded the international prize Seán McBride
The International Peace Bureau decided in its meeting in Paris that held on the 28th of August 2011 the nomination of the Iraqi activist Hanaa Edward for the international award of ” Seán McBride”, for the current year 2011.
Muhsin Sherida, the special advisor for the International Peace Bureau in the Middle East, said in a telephone call with the site of that Edward considered the award as for all those civil society organizations operating in Iraq and for all those who call for peace and for freedom in the country.
Sherida has informed Edward about obtaining the award.
The head of the international Peace Bureau, the Swedish activist Thomas Magnusson, said the motivation for nominating Edward for this award is that she is a female activist and an extraordinary brave woman. He also referred to her important position in the path of a process characterized by slow motion between politicians. He added, she is a brave and most deserving candidate who has proven record of activity for human rights, democracy, development of society and defending the rights of women. He referred to her continuously threaten life and her tirelessly challenge the ruling parties, Baath people and male domination.
The International Peace Bureau which based in Zurich is an international organization struggle for world without wars. The organization operates in 70 countries and included in its membership 282 organizations. 13 activists who awarded the prizes of this organization have received the Nobel Prize for peace.
Hanaa Edward
Hanaa Edward born in 1946 in the city of Basrah in Iraq. She has been active in the field of human and women rights when she was student. She joined the Iraqi Women Association in her prime youth and arrested in 1963. Then managed to escape from the prison and moved to Germany to represent the Iraqi Women Association in the international organization, World Federation of Democratic Women, during the seventies of the last century. Then moved to Lebanon, Syria and became a prominent activist in the struggle against dictatorship.