The High Electoral Commission for Election reconsiders the excluded votes from outside the country – Exclusive
Member of the Board of the High Electoral Commission for election in Arbil, Hakem Sardar Abd-Alkareem, announced that the Commission decided to reconsider the votes that have been excluded in a number of countries abroad.
  Abd-Alkareem said in an exclusive statement to the site of, that the Commission’s decision came in a response to complaints and protests made by the representatives of many political lists in the countries the Diaspora and unions and organizations in Iraq.
  Abd-Alkareem added, the High Commission sent the resolution to the administration center for the countries abroad elections based in Arbil for the possibility of technical implementation of the resolution.
  It should be mentioned that the Commission’s decision to exclude hundreds of thousands of the Iraqi voters in Diaspora countries came under the pretext of not providing the required Iraqi documentations. This act sparked angry reactions and reprehensible by the representatives of the political lists and the voters themselves, in addition to unions and organizations in Iraq.