The funeral of the young Zaya Toma Soro Duhok-Exclusive
By scouting ceremony set by Hammorabi scouts and by the presence of a large crowd of our people and a number of priests, the funeral service of the body of the young martyr Zaya Toma Soro was performed at Mar Narsai church in Duhok on Tuesday morning, the 16th of February 2010. The victim Zaya Toma was killed on Monday morning by the bullets of unknown gunmen in Mosul.
  The deceased was born in 1987; he was a first year student in the Technical College at the University of Mosul. Also, he was a member of the Kaldo-Assyrian union of student and youth.
The funeral ceremony was attended By Bishop Mar Isaac of the Eastern Assyrian church, a number of priests, and the presence of delegation from the leadership of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, the Kaldo-Assyrian union of students and youth and local officials.
  After performing the religious ceremony, the crowd was directed to Bakhitmi cemetery in the town of Sumeal for the burial of the martyr body which was laid to his final rest.
  The victim was in his way to the University with a colleague named Ramsen when gunmen intercept their way, shot him dead and wounding his friend Ramsn who is now lying in the hospital