The film will also be showing on March 11 at 9:30 p.m. at the Uptown Birmingham 8 Theatre located in downtown Birmingham for the Uptown Film Festival.

Commentators in the documentary include Alda Benjamen, associate producer of the film and captured the footage in Iraq; Peter BetBasoo, founder and director of Assyrian International News Agency; Waleeta Canon, director of women and gender education at International Human Rights Law Institute; Donny George, renowned archeologist and former director general of the Iraqi National Museum; John Eibener, human rights activist and director of Christian Solidarity International; Younadam Kanna, the first and now one of few Christian Assyrian politicians in the Iraqi Parliament; Joseph Kassab, executive director of the Chaldean Federation of America; Rosie Malek-Yonan, author of The Crimson Field and activist; and Michael Youash, director of the Iraqi Sustainable Democracy Project.
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About Lamassu Productions
Lamassu Productions is a privately held production company founded in 2005 by filmmaker André N. Anton. Born out of the need to introduce more historical and culturally diverse films in the industry, the company seeks the development and production of independent films and major motion picture with these contexts as a basis. Lamassu Productions is proud to present their documentary Defying Deletion, which is an unprecedented documentary about the atrocities facing the indigenous Assyrians in post-invasion Iraq.